Elegant Peacock Bridal Shower Invitations

What happens when you take a beautiful animal and mix it with a once in a lifetime event? You get a stylish once in a lifetime party. Don’t let your best friend down. Surprise her with one of these fabulous peacock bridal shower invitations and elegant wedding invitations!

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What’s Hot?

Here are just a few of the amazing designs for you to choose from. All of the designs are a snap to customize. Go ahead, give it a try. You’re under no obligation to order. We recomend that you try several designs, find the one you like best.

Peacock Feather Bridal Shower Invitations
Peacock Feather Bridal Shower Invitations
Peacock Feather Bridal Shower Invitations
Peacock Feather Bridal Shower Invitations

Get a Head Start

Don’t wait too long to order your invitations.

It is customary to send out announcements far enough in advance so that your guests can make plans to join you.

When should invites be sent?

When planning a bridal shower it is customary to send the invitations one month in advance.

Of course as with all things there are exceptions to every rule. One of these is based on the guest list. If you intend to invite a handful of guests – these are generally close intimate friends of the bride-to-be – then you don’t need to send them that early. They expect to be invited and will plan accordingly.

An elegant design

On the other hand, if you have a large guest list you need to be well organized.

That means that all invitations should be out the door four weeks before the celebration.


Because it is important that you have your RSVP for each guest no later than two weeks before the party. Anything else and you will have a hard time making the arrangements.

This can be tricky however, as some people (large list of guests) will not feel the obligation to reply in a quick manner. Because of this you need to give your guests several options to respond. These can either be mailed, sent via email or over the phone. Include all three of these options in your invite.

An American Tradition?

Bridal showers are celebrated the world over with many variations and rituals. That said many people associate the shower with an American tradition. The reason for this is simple. During the turn of the nineteenth century the idea of a wedding. The union of two families moved (at a slow pace) away from the somber events they once were. By the 1950s the bridal shower had become more of a party.

As personal wealth increased the need to rattle the collection tin lessened.

Today the need to collect the necessities is at an all time low. Of course these make up the majority of the gifts a bride can expect to receive but they aren’t the only ones. Many women today already have many of the things they will need: in the kitchen, in the house, and in the bedroom.

What Once Was

Hundreds of years ago this wasn’t so easy. A woman needed a dowry to get married. And this was supplied by the parents. The father held much of the authority here, and he could choose to withhold the dowry if he did not approve.

A Vintage Design

They say that love concurs all.

And here those mysterious they would be right.

If the young woman was willing to go against the wishes the shower provided an outlet. Female friends and family would gather and make a collection of items needed in a new household. This would allow the couple to fulfill the requirements of the dowry and thus marry.

The practice is believed to have started in Holland. From there is spread to other countries. Including England. From there is spread to the New World.

It is fortunate that those days are over.

Now we’re able to relax and enjoy ourselves. And once you’ve planned, preprepared and hosted that is exaclty what you should do.

Here is to a successful and fun shower.